About dlgb.net

Fabian Le Gay Brereton, May 19, 2019

I’ve always thought it’s a good idea to have your own domain. I registered dlgb.net many, many years ago. The ‘d’ is from my wife’s name, and the ‘lgb’ is from mine.

There was a dlgb.net web site a long time ago, when we were backpackers and used the site to share travel photos and stories. Then kids and house and settling down came along. The version then was was very inspired by Philip Greenspun’s travel writing, which I still like.

I remember at the time we created this site XML was cool and new. So we dumped the photos into a folder, and managed the content by handwriting XML, and then had a very simple (viewer.php) script to create the site. A few bits and pieces still survive in the Wayback Machine: travel.dlgb.net. I’ll try and revive it some day.

In the meantime I decided I would create a new web site. I’m currently in a nostalgic mood, so I decided to keep it old school and just hand write HTML. I deliberately didn’t want a blog or a CMS or anything fancy to manage. But that ended up being slightly masochistic.

So as a colofon of sorts: this web site is written in Markdown, converted to HTML using Pandoc, and published as a static web site on Amazon S3, with a simple Makefile for some very basic publishing automation.